Wine accessories you probably need now. Discreet leather wine tote anyone?

wine-themed cards from bottlestock, an online retailer of wine accessories

Two of the clever wine-themed cards from Bottle Stock, an online retailer of wine accessories founded by sommelier Whitney Adams. These two were created by Los Angeles designer Ashkahn. 

(Whitney Adams / Bottle Stock)

You may have bought a bottle of wine from Whitney Adams at DomaineLA, where she’s worked part time for the last four years. But did you know she’s also a sommelier, wine blogger and entrepreneur, who sells clever wine accessories at her online shop Bottle Stock and at DomaineLA, Arroyo General in Highland Park and the new Esters Wine Bar & Shop in Santa Monica?

Who doesn’t need a tie-dyed leather wine tote or a Dalmatian-spotted pouch ($28) for a gold dip-dyed waiter’s corkscrew ($18)?

Adams sells items for your wine lifestyle that are original, often handmade and/or limited editions. 

If you don’t check the site often enough you may find the lovely little notebook splashed with watercolor and the words “Wines I want to remember” is sold out. Same goes for the leather tie-dyed coasters you never got around to putting in your basket. Bummer.


No worries. You can still find endearing gift tags ($5) or cards with a corkscrew on the front and the sentiment “Thanks for the good time,” or one with a wine glass that reads “I love you more than wine” ($6) designed by Ashkahn. Another favorite, written by Adams, reads, “It’s your birthday and we’re alive and wine exists.” 

Also to covet: a discreet and elegant black leather wine tote (on sale for $58) or a canvas one dyed with cochineal and indigo ($68). Both hold a single bottle, preferably the one you’re taking to a swell dinner party. You may need cocktail napkins or coasters, too ($18 to $48). Or festive wine wraps (from $6).

With the exception of the corkscrews, which are made in China but hand-painted in Inglewood, everything Adams sells is pretty much made locally. She usually comes up with a concept for an item and then works with a designer, often one who is already a friend, to create it. “Sometimes I find people on Instagram and contact them and say, ‘I’d love to collab on Bottle Stock,’ ” Adams explains.

“All of my cards are printed here in L.A.,” said Adams. “Leather items are made by Los Angeles Leathercraft, a leather goods company in Bell. Some of my hand-dyed items are made with fabrics dyed by textile artist Jennifer Parry Dodge of Ermie.”


Check out Bottle Stock’s online shop. And catch up on Adams’ blog, especially if you’re planning a trip to Australian wine country. You can buy a bottle of wine from her at DomaineLA, too, possibly at one of the sociable and fun weekly wine tastings.

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