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Take your pick of cocktails including the Negroni, Mother's Ruin Punch, and the Ratafia

Cocktail recipe: A sweet and sour cocktail at Scratch Bar

Destination: Cocktail: Scratch Bar's mixologist Dave Fernie blends sake and pineapple and lime juice for a light refresher called Rupert Holmes' Misplaced Sense of Humor.

Recipe: Tin Roof Bistro mixes a kicked-up gin and tonic

Destination Cocktail: Pablo Kovacs at the Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach mixes a kicked-up gin and tonic using house-made quinine syrup.

Recipe: Chateau Marmont's Frozen Rose

Cocktail recipe: Hotel Nacional from the Eveleigh

Cocktail recipe: Hotel Nacional, a light rum drink made to conjure Havana nights

Cocktail recipe: La Futura at Mr. Chow

Cocktail recipe: La Futura at Mr. Chow is a twist on the margarita with George Clooney's tequila

Church & State recipe: Van Gogh's Rocket

Cocktail recipe: Van Gogh's Rocket

Culinary SOS: Akasha's Ruby Red Mojito

Recipe: Akasha's Ruby Red Mojito

Cocktail Recipe: A citrusy sparkler from the Mr. C

Recipe: Mr. C Cocktail

Recipe: It's the End of the Year as We Know It

A Champagne cocktail recipe dubbed It's the End of the Year as We Know It.

Recipe: Whisper Campaign

A festive Champagne cocktail recipe called Whisper Campaign, concocted by Proprietors in L.A.

Recipe: Giovanni Martinez's daiquiri

Recipe: A daiquiri recipe from Giovanni Martinez, head bartender at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood.

Recipe: Apple martini

Recipe for an apple martini

Recipe: The Blue Whale

Recipe for the Blue Whale cocktail

Destination cocktail: Bread Service

Cocktail recipe: Bread Service from Cusp Dining & Drinks in La Jolla.

Culinary SOS: Mucho Ultima Mexicana Restaurant's fresas mojito

A recipe for a fresas mojito, adapted from Mucho Ultima Mexicana Restaurant in Manhattan Beach.

Recipe: Strawberry-kaffir sweet & sour

Shrub cocktail recipe: Strawberry-kaffir sweet & sour

Culinary SOS: Tasting Kitchen's Braveheart cocktail

Recipe: Tasting Kitchen's Braveheart cocktail

Destination Cocktail: The good-for-you Satsuma smash

Cocktail recipe: Satsuma whiskey smash

Recipe: Classic coquito

Cocktail recipe: Classic coquito

Destination Cocktail: Irish Poet by Gilbert Marquez

Cocktail recipe: Irish Poet by Gilbert Marquez

Destination Cocktail: Hot banana buttered rum

Cocktail recipe: Hot banana buttered rum

Destination Cocktail: Horchata Colada

Cocktail recipe: Horchata Colada

Destination Cocktail: A.O.C.'s American Poet

Cocktail recipe: American Poet at A.O.C.

Destination Cocktail: You Only Live Twice at Allumette

Cocktail recipe: Lost Cause Tiki-Cone

Cocktail recipe for a Lost Cause Tiki-Cone from Daniel Warrilow of Son of a Gun.

Cocktail recipe: Lapin Fou

A cocktail recipe for Lapin Fo

Cocktail recipe: Drunken Girl Scout

A cocktail recipe for a Drunken Girl Scout, adapted from Julian Cox of Short Order in Los Angeles.

Recipe: Peychaud's ice cream and Sanbitter float

Drink recipe for Peychaud's ice cream and Sanbitter float, adapted from Giovanni Martinez of Sadie LA.

Culinary SOS: White hot peach sangria from Cafe del Rey

A recipe for white hot peach sangria adapted from Café del Rey in Marina del Rey.

Recipe: Cocktail cubes

The cocktail cubes recipe, adapted from 'On a Stick!' by Matt Armendariz, freezes fruit on a swizzle stick.

Culinary SOS: La Grande Orange Café's white sangria

Recipe for white sangria from La Grande Orange Café in Pasadena. Perfect for warm evenings.

Recipe: Coolidge cocktail

'Gin'-ger basiltini from the Girl & the Fig

Recipe: Stella! Sazerac