Where to find roasted chiles

Roasted chiles at the Green Chile Roast & Lunch.
(Ringo H.W. Chiu / For The Los Angeles Times)

The fresh green chile season is short, usually about a month, and Southern California roasts will continue for only two more weeks, possibly three depending on how the harvest holds out.

The Santa Monica Pico farmers market will have a roasting every Saturday in September (2200 Virginia Ave.).

El Rey Farms ( has at least one more weekend at La Puente High School on Sept. 8, and another on Sept. 15, if the harvest holds out. Orders must be placed in advance on the website (15615 E. Nelson Ave.).

Bristol Farms supermarket will have a roasting Saturday at the South Pasadena store (606 Fair Oaks Ave.), as well as Sept. 8 and 9 in Newport Beach (810 Avocado Ave.). These are sponsored by Melissa’s specialty produce, which will also be roasting Sept. 2 at Roe Restaurant and Fish Market in Long Beach (5374 E. 2nd St.).


Albertsons is roasting Saturday in Montebello (2469 Via Campo St.).

You can also order roasted Hatch green chile from the following websites: Biad Green Chiles (, Hatch Chile Express ( and Berridge Farms (

When those run out, you can get your green chile fix at select Albertsons supermarkets, which sell Bueno brand frozen green Hatch chiles under the Autumn Roast name.

—Russ Parsons