Gadgets: Cake decorating stands


Here’s a tool to help you decorate cakes like a pro. It’s a good, sturdy cake decorating stand.

Cake decorating stands, also known as revolving cake stands and turntables, are lifesavers when it comes to frosting and decorating. A wide top swivels on top of a sturdy metal base, making it easy to rotate the cake when you’re smoothing out frosting or focusing on detailed decorations.

The stands come in all shapes and materials. If you’re serious about decorating, avoid cheap stands that are often flimsy and wobbly. Good stands generally consist of a metal (typically aluminum) top over a heavy cast iron base; some are even fitted with ball bearings for an ultra-smooth swivel.


Cake decorating stands can be found at cooking and bakery supply stores, as well as at select craft and hobby stores. Stands range in price by type, but you can generally find one for $30 to $60.

—Noelle Carter