Can you actually peel garlic like in that viral video? We put it to the test

Food Columnist

Garlic. I love it, you love it, everyone except for vampires (and Queen Elizabeth, supposedly) loves the sweet stink of the garlic bulb. But it’s a pain to peel, and the smell can linger under your nails for days (or in our corner of the office, where we shot this video. Sorry, everyone).

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The latest viral food video shows someone with a small knife effortlessly plucking out entire cloves of garlic from a bulb, clean and whole, without any of the residual papery skin.


But — is it really that easy?

Our food columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson puts it to the test to see if it’s actually a viable technique. Or if, like the pineapple hack that made the rounds a couple of months ago, it’s not really practical (or is it?).