Beer of the Month: Redhook Ale Brewery Pilsner


After years of priding themselves on their ales, craft brewers have started showing what they can do with lager. This is a very attractive Pilsner style, with a richer flavor than the usual commercial beer but not tiring to the palate and very easy to drink.

It pours light gold with a medium head. The nose is malty with a bready, grassy note, the palate moderately malty, its sweetness balanced with a little crisp hop bitterness (the hops are actually toward the low end for a Pilsner). A quick little burst of bitterness pops up at the end for a clean, mild finish. The alcohol level is 5.3%, which is not going to get you in trouble if you have a couple (but don’t drink too fast, player).

This is an easygoing beer that would be comfortable with a lot of backyard snacks, particularly when they involve cheese. Basically, though, it’s a “session” beer for socializing.


Quick sip

Style: A smooth, clean, flavorful Pilsner-style lager for lazy summer days

Price: $2.29 for a 22-ounce bottle, or $5.99 for a six-pack

Where to find it: Total Wine stores (for locations,