5 Questions for Paul Shoemaker

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Paul Shoemaker is the chef at the newly opened Juicy Lucy at the Taste at Figat7th food court in downtown. Before opening his new burger joint, Shoemaker spent time in the kitchens at Water Grill, the French Laundry in Yountville, Providence and Bastide, where Shoemaker earned his first Michelin star. He went on to open the now-closed Savory in Malibu, where he received some serious burger cred for his Wolfmother burger creation. Shoemaker is now turning out Juicy Lucy hamburgers (the cheese is in the middle of the patty instead of on top) along with sriracha cheese fries.

What’s coming up next on your menu? I am going to be introducing a new “Chef Burger” at Juicy Lucy that I have been testing for some time called the Catch a Fire burger. It’s a stuffed burger patty topped with house cured pork belly, house-made kimchi and Umeboshi aioli.

Latest ingredient obsession? Truffles and Époisses. I am working on another burger that will be stuffed with black truffles and Époisses cheese.


What restaurant do you find yourself going to again and again? Oleego at Taste. I love the kimchi fried rice and short rib.

The last cookbook you read – and what inspired you to pick it up? “Essential Cuisine” by Michel Bras. I read it over and over. Michel was doing food in the ‘80s that top chefs are doing today. His style of cooking and presentation is just superior. Also cannot wait to read Ferran Adrià’s “El Bulli 4 Ever.” Just waiting for him to write it.

Favorite kitchen soundtrack? “Could This Be Love” by Bob Marley. Anything Bob Marley.

735 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, (213) 683-1030,


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