‘Rachael vs. Guy’ recap: Daddy ‘D’ Dean McDermott strikes again


On Sunday night’s “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off,” the remaining six contestants took over the Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood for a good ol’ diner showdown. There were flying burgers, roller skates and of course, Johnny Weir in sequins.

The challenge: Show your ability to adapt by re-creating diner classics (cheeseburger, tuna melt, club sandwich) and taking over service for 45 people at Mel’s. Rachael’s advice to her team? “I don’t want you guys to gourmet this up.” Sorry to break it to you Rache, but I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that with this bunch.

On Guy Fieri’s team, Chilli made a cheeseburger with “special” sauce, team captain Weir did a turkey club and Dean McDermott made a tuna melt on ciabatta with gruyere. Weir thinking he “challenged” himself by using turkey instead of chicken in his club was cute but kind of sad and watching McDermott freak out because he couldn’t get his tuna salad to taste like anything but tuna was hilarious. Dude, relax, it’s supposed to taste like tuna!


On Rachael’s team, hot mess Carnie Wilson managed to make an herb tuna melt, team captain Hines Ward did a bacon and beef hamburger and Kathy Najimy, surprise, surprise, made a poorly conceived vegetarian club with cheese and tapenade. I’ve been a fan of Najimy since she played that witch in “Hocus Pocus” but she’s really got to step it up. Being a vegetarian is not an excuse for cooking with no flavor!

Ward’s burger and Wilson’s tuna melt were good enough to give Rachael’s team the win and McDermott and Chilli ended up in the bottom two for a blind milkshake tasting. Chilli went the traditional route with a chocolate cookie and peanut butter milkshake, while McDermott went into cray-cray wanna-be-chef mode to make an orange creamsicle shake. He was whipping egg whites, soaking Twinkies in liquor, squeezing fresh orange juice...the dude went nuts! It paid off and Daddy “D” struck again, hanging in after his second week in the bottom two, and Chilli was sent home.

Best moments:

Weir turning from captain glitter to captain obvious. “I’m really confident in Guy’s advice because he’s a professional. When I’m training, I listen to my coach because he’s a professional.” Hmm, fascinating.

Ward being afraid of the food processor. “First time in my life I’ve ever used a food processor so let’s hope it goes well,” confessed Ward. What’s the worst that could happen? You can’t find the pulse button? I have to admit it was cute, but you’ve had 300-pound football players coming at you and the food processor scares you?



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