Hooray Henry’s, a new club from the Bootsy Bellows’ crew, to open next month


Watch out, a British invasion is coming to L.A. nightlife. It’s taking the form of a new club called Hooray Henry’s, which is a British term referring to a poncy, upper-class twit. (For reference, YouTube Monty Python’s “Twit Olympics.”)

However, the name is the only tongue-in-cheek thing about the new club, which strives for a classic, polished feel inspired by stately London hotels and townhouses.

Hooray Henry’s aims to be open by the end of July. It was created by nightlife connoisseurs the h.wood group -- the same team behind SHOREbar in Santa Monica and the decadent Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood.


As with the latter, David Arquette is also a partner in Hooray Henry’s. Hopefully, he’ll bring his trademark off-the-wall brand of performance art to this new spot as well.

John Terzian, who is the most visible face of the h.wood group, which also includes partners Brian Toll and Markus Molinari, said that inspiration for the club came from the circle of friends -- mostly musicians and artists, most of whom are from London -- he is hanging out with these days.

“We went to London and visited a bunch of old-school hotels and buildings,” Terzian said, adding that the new club is his most ambitious to date when it comes to design. “There’s old molding, and lots of brass. It’s very clean but it has a sense of play mixed in with artwork and lots of wood accents.”

Terzian said he likes to keep his group of friends close -- he’s tight with an insular, artsy crowd of up-and-coming and established artists, models, actors and musicians -- and often uses work by them to decorate his clubs. That, or antiques from his grandmother’s home. As a result, his design works tend to be personal and charming.

In addition to the large, communal main room with a DJ booth and dance floor, there will be an intimate back room for friends and family that is meant to mimic a classy London hotel suite. (All of h.wood’s clubs have a room like this.)

“I’m really careful to never refer to them as VIP rooms,” Terzian said. “Because they’re not. They’re for our friends and our family. Because whatever success we’ve had, it’s because of them.”


Hooray Henry’s (in the space formerly known as Guys & Dolls), 8713 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood. Opening in late July (pending final permit approval).


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