Got a wine that wants oysters? Here’s the contest for you

This shy bivalve is looking for crisp partner.
(Ted S. Warren / Associated Press)

Got a wine you think loves oysters? The West Coast’s premier bivalve/beverage dating service, the 19th annual Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition is gearing up and they’re looking for entries.

As it has for the last 18 years, the competition will be held in three cities -- Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle -- with wine professionals and journalists in each city judging the wines for how well they pair with raw oysters.

March 22 is the deadline for wine entries and the winners will be announced April 29.

It’s always an interesting lineup, because it seems usually the best oyster wines are also the most simply made. Over-oaked expensive Chardonnays are rare, $10 Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blancs rule. And more often, those are coming from small wineries as well as the big boys.


Here are the winners from last year.


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