People are already offended by the new Starbucks holiday cups being ‘too festive’

The Daily Meal

A Reddit-using Starbucks employee leaked the new Starbucks holiday cups design (again) and the internet exploded with messages of excitement and outrage.

Although it was not confirmed by Starbucks or any Starbucks officials that this is indeed the holiday cup design, the cup is certainly drawing attention due to the cartoon Christmas tree and illustrated stacks of presents.

And so, the time-honored tradition of complaints arising about the design has begun, with many vocal social media users expressing their distaste for how “festive” the design appears.


In years past, some customers took issue with the all-red cups because they felt that it was part of the purported “War on Christmas.” Now, complaints are focused on how the cup design may be too much.“it’s happening again this year - people are already upset about the starbucks holiday cups,” Celsey Collins noted.

Although the comments on the post have been deleted and the thread closed, the photo is still circulating around the internet, causing quite a few grumpy people to express their feelings in 180 characters or less.“Who else is offended by the new Starbucks holiday cups? #Triggered” tweeted Twitter user Jason Meredith with a photo of the cup.“The Starbucks holiday cups this year are TERRIBLE,” exclaimed Jessica De Meio.“The funny part is these cups look exactly like Starbucks execs went ‘THEY WANT MORE CHRISTMAS?! OH, WE’LL GIVE THEM CHRISTMAS! MUAHAHAA!’” tweeted @Shoebox6.

But some people on Twitter are totally over the Starbucks holiday cup backlash and just want to enjoy the seasonal offering. After all, these cups are only available once a year for a limited amount of time.“Petition to make the Starbucks Holiday cups black like coal because none of y’all deserve anything special after 5 years of complaining,” wrote @Xilla_Monster

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