Forget La Croix: Paris is installing sparkling water fountains in every neighborhood

The Daily Meal

Paris City Hall has announced a new initiative to install free sparkling water in all 20 of Paris’s neighborhoods, or arrondissements. The project, called Fontaine Pétillante (literally “bubbly fountain”), is being introduced by officials who hope that it will inspire Parisians to drink more water and reduce plastic bottle waste in the city.

Sparkling water fountains are not new to the streets of Paris. The City of Light has had eight bubbly fountains since 2010. After their installation nearly eight years ago, Anne le Strat, the head of the Paris water board, told the French magazine 20 Minutes, “People often told me that they were ready to drink tap water if it was carbonated. Now they they’ve got no excuse not to.” Parisians will have even less excuse. The new fountains will reportedly be located in public parks and other picturesque outdoor areas. As if you needed another reason to travel to Paris, check out the city’s must-see food markets.