Mariah Carey declares brunch over for 2018, and it looks like Twitter agrees

The Daily Meal

The elusive chanteuse Mariah Carey is back with more iconic tea, and this time it is scalding.

According to a recent tweet by the singer, Miss Carey does not do brunch. One of her friends - or can Mariah even call this brunching simpleton a “friend” anymore? - foolishly invited her to share the meal that is not quite breakfast but not quite lunch.

“A friend called and asked me to do brunch. Come on.. I don’t do brunch, it’s daytime!” tweeted the “Always Be My Baby” singer. “I suggested linner instead (definition: a late dinner!) #linneristhenewbrunch,” she hashtagged.


A controversial opinion on a beloved meal? Yes. Has the word “linner” been previously used in most cases to denote the meal in between lunch and dinner? Also yes, but Queen Mariah has spoken, and the lambs are falling in line: “Linner” means “late dinner” now. We thought that, with brunch being over and all, the internet would be up in arms - but in a surprise twist, Twitter actually agrees.

And the tweet responses continued, with even more people abandoning the seemingly forever-popular brunch in favor of newcomer meal “linner.” We can attribute it all to Mariah’s influence. Guess it’s time to bust out those phones, henny, and make a linner reservation! But remember: It’s just as hard to get a table on Saturday night as it is Saturday morning.

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