N/naka to host a special collaboration dinner with Adeline Grattard of yam’Tcha

 Niki Nakayama, Carole Iida Nakayama, Adeline Grattard
Niki Nakayama and Carole Iida Nakayama of n/naka, at left, and Adeline Grattard of yam’Tcha.
(Zen Sekizawa | yam’Tcha)

N/naka, the Palms kaiseki restaurant run by Niki Nakayama and Carole Iida Nakayama, will team up with a Parisian French-Cantonese restaurant for a two-night collaboration in December. The dinners with Adeline Grattard of yam’Tcha will take place Dec. 9 and 10 at the Nakayamas’ Michelin-starred restaurant.

Niki and Carole said there was an instant connection when they met Grattard at her restaurant in Paris in 2016.

The menu is still in the works, but Carole said they planned to combine Grattard’s French interpretation of Chinese food with n/naka’s Japanese cuisine while following the kaiseki format of cooking.

There will be two seatings on Dec. 9 and one seating on Dec. 10. The dinner is $325 per person and will feature nine to 11 courses.


Niki and Carole are looking to their childhoods in the San Gabriel Valley for inspiration for the dinners. The two plan to flash-fry geoduck, then slice it and serve it sashimi-style — an interpretation of a geoduck dish that Niki once ate in Chinatown in Los Angeles.

“It makes the world a little less distant,” she said in an email. “When you bring in people from other places, it feels like we’re a little bit more connected.”

N/naka, 3455 Overland Ave., Los Angeles, (310) 836-6252. Tickets to the dinner are available online.