We don’t know the spice mix behind Hotville Chicken, but we know how to get something close

Hotville Chicken's Kim Prince prepares a catering order of her fried
Hotville Chicken’s Kim Prince now sells a hot chicken spice mix. It’s not the family’s secret one, but it’s close.
(Mariah Tauger/Los Angeles Times)

Kim Prince of Hotville Chicken learned the secrets to Nashville hot chicken at its origins: her family’s restaurant, Prince’s Hot Chicken. Prince said, “When it comes to the true Nashville hot chicken process, the path to perfection is all about timing. I learned to know when it’s ready by smelling it and seeing when it’s beautiful and golden.”

Until we achieve Prince’s expert status, we can at least get a similar flavor at home: Hotville Chicken now sells a Sweet Heat Seasoning in its restaurant and online, along with its Cayenne Hot Sauce.

Buy both to capture Hotville Chicken's heat.
(Hotville Chicken)