It’s a Zoom cooking lesson with the Food team: Beer-braised chicken


Covering restaurants for a living has a few side effects. In addition to the added salt and calories, you don’t get to cook nearly as much as you would like: Mealtimes are always an opportunity to try a new restaurant. The result is that the less you cook, the worse you are at cooking, and it becomes something of a vicious cycle. Two of our less-experienced cooks on the Food staff, deputy editor Andrea Chang and columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson, have made it a goal to cook more this year, and with everyone at home, this seemed like a perfect time to start.

Fortunately, they have a wealth of knowledge that’s just a few keystrokes away: Cooking editor Genevieve Ko and cooking columnist Ben Mims’ series How to Boil Water shows readers how to make simple, delicious food without too much technical know-how.

But sometimes you need a little more of a hands-on approach. Or, shall we say, a socially distanced hands-on approach. Genevieve graciously agreed to walk Andrea and Lucas through her beer-braised chicken recipe via Zoom call, with everyone in their own respective kitchens. How did our two novices fare? Watch the video to find out.