What We’re Into: The brilliant namesake tahchin from Golden Rice Co.


This week on our video series “What We’re Into,” we’re talking about the gorgeous specialty of Golden Rice Co., a weekend pop-up operating out of Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood.

This is Farah Parsa’s variation on the traditional Iranian dish tahchin, saturated with the flavor and color of saffron, light from the addition of yogurt and given crunch from a dome of tahdig, the crisp layer of rice formed on the bottom of the pot. A few handfuls of ruby barberries have been scattered on top and around the sides; optional pulled chicken, sliced eggplant or filleted salmon may surround the perimeter or be draped over the top. Tahchin is designed to feed a crowd, though Golden Rice Co. has started offering individual sizes as well.

Parsa cooked for her daughter Sophia Parsa’s private dinner series Mountain Gate, where entrepreneurs such as Kim Malek, founder of Salt & Straw ice cream, spoke. A giant version of the tahchin was a staple centerpiece; in the shutdown, Farah downsized the recipe, and the family began to offer weekly pickups on Sundays out of Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. Golden Rice Co. also makes limited Sunday deliveries.


Complete the meal with mast-o-khiar (herbed yogurt with cucumber, so ideal with the rice that I’d suggest a double order), hummus, chopped salad and perhaps baklava or homemade orange blossom ice cream for dessert.

The Parsas aren’t certain yet what the future holds for their new enterprise — all the more reason to order a weekend feast from Golden Rice Co. now.