A massage isn’t a luxury, it’s an affordable necessity at this L.A. startup spa


When I heard about the Now Massage Boutique, I was skeptical.

After a long, hard workweek comes to an end and your aching shoulders, feet and back could use some love, there’s nothing like a full-body or foot massage. But many places in and around Los Angeles offer hard-to-believe prices that make me wonder if the place is sanitary or if the person rubbing me down is qualified to do so.

So I volunteered to check out this new massage place near the Grove promising wallet-friendly massages in a chic setting, with drop-ins welcome. I was not disappointed.

The Now offers massages starting at $35, with an extensive menu of add-ons available, such as aromatherapy, in a pristine, stylish setting bathed in light colors. Private massages from credentialed therapists are offered along with seated, common-space massages where you share an area with someone else getting a massage and everyone keeps his or her clothes on.


The business model – perfectly aimed at millennials – has proved so successful that a second space is planned for Santa Monica.

“Wellness and massage are correlated on so many levels, and different cultures understand that, but in America massage is treated as a luxury not a necessity,” said Now co-founder Erica Malbon.

She and Gara Post and Amy Krofchick conceptualized Now with affordability being key to their concept.

One way they do that? Individual massage rooms are walled off by linens instead of walls, which adds an exotic air and also ends up creating a peaceful environment. (Everyone talks quietly, or not at all, so as not to disturb.)

“The Now is designed to emulate the feeling you get when you’re on vacation, you’re disconnected from the outside world and you can connect to within – a space that inspires but has the energy of relaxation and peace,” Malbon said.

The Now Massage Boutique, 7611 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 746-5525,