Two Guys Lose Weight: Strategies for the NFL playoffs

Los Angeles Times

The following is a blog documenting two Los Angeles Times editors’ attempts to lose weight.  It all began on Jan. 10.

The NFL playoffs.  In the past, that would mean a big excuse for me to indulge (actually any day would qualify).

Tailgating or going to a friend’s house means a ton of food and drink. We were professional tailgaters at the former Mile High in Denver: the grill, the bar, the sombrero-wearing donkey, we had everything.  (Well, we never actually had the donkey, although we thought it would be funny).

I asked my former trainer, Teri, how to prepare for the big games.  She wrote:


1.    Eat before you go. If you are hungry when you get there, you are sure to over consume calories.
2.    Find the veggie tray and some hot wings. Stay away from breaded and deep-fried foods.
3.    Avoid alcohol if you can. ... Beer and wine have 150-300 calories per glass/ bottle of non-nutritive calories. If you must drink, limit your intake and alternate with a bottle of water.

The third tip is especially good.  Especially in light of a study put out earlier this week. It indicated that of the fans who went to a game, nearly 10% drove home drunk.  How about the tailgaters?  They were 14 times more likely to drive legally drunk than those who hadn’t participated.   

From my experience at the now imploded “Vet” in Philadelphia, you could probably add a zero to the 14.  And the “Black Hole”?  Bring a calculator.

Tony and I discussed our strategies throughout the week.  Both of us, at times, thought seclusion was the best solution.  


The last I heard, Tony had abandoned that strategy completely and was planning on celebrating like what you’d see in an ‘80s hair-band episode of ‘Behind the Music.'  I, on the other hand, will sadly take a Spandau Ballet approach.

Mike the trainer weighed me in this morning.  195.  That’s a loss of 3.5 pounds for the week and about 10 pounds total since starting the quest.  Nutrisystem food so far is very good.  Will write a recap on the food Sunday.

Until then, go Steelers and Bears!


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