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Pollution risks in your California neighborhood

An analysis by the California Environmental Protection Agency scores and maps more than 8,000 census tracts statewide by their exposure and vulnerability to pollution. The scores are derived from 19 types of environmental, health and socioeconomic data. The higher a tract's percentile, the worse it scored in the rankings. Use the search field to find scores for any area in California.

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Percentile for California
1. Census tracts shaded grey have percentile scores of zero, which indicates that monitoring or reporting was conducted, but no impacts were present or that no population met the state's criteria.
2. Census tracts with no shading are listed as "N/A," which means no monitoring or reporting was conducted, no population was reported or that census estimates for that category were highly unreliable.
3. For details on the scoring criteria and methodology, view Cal/EPA's report on CalEnviroScreen.
Sources: California Environmental Protection Agency