Henry Fuhrmann, Assistant Managing Editor / Copy Desk, Library and Standards


Henry Fuhrmann is a former assistant managing editor for the copy desks, the library and standards at the Los Angeles Times.

After joining The Times in 1990, Fuhrmann served as a copy editor and news editor on the Metro, Foreign and Calendar desks; as an assistant editor, senior copy desk chief and deputy section editor in Business; and as the first chief of the morning copy desk, which he helped establish in 2007 to serve He started as assistant managing editor in March 2009 and left in 2015.

Fuhrmann previously worked at Newsday, where he was a member of the first class of copy editors in Times Mirror’s Minority Editorial Training Program. Before entering the news business, he studied engineering at Caltech and UCLA and worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He holds two degrees in journalism: a bachelor’s from Cal State L.A. and a master’s from Columbia.


Fuhrmann was born in Japan and grew up in Ventura County, about an hour’s drive up the coast from Los Angeles. He was a father of two daughters and a past president and longtime officer of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Assn. Fuhrmann died Sept. 14, 2022.

Henry Fuhrmann | 1957-2022