Southern Section

Thursday, Nov. 13


Team Finals
At Indian Hills Golf Club, Riverside, Par 72

The top-ranked team in girls' golf somehow found itself in the position of underdog, but Goleta Dos Pueblos showed the mettle of a defending champion and squeaked out a one-shot victory Thursday in the Southern Section team championships.

Dos Pueblos, ranked No. 1 by the Times all season, shot a five-player total of 401 at Indian Hills Golf Club in Riverside and defeated No. 2 Rolling Hills Estates Peninsula by the slimmest of margins. No. 6 Alhambra Keppel continued its impressive playoff run with a 404 to finish third and No. 7 San Clemente was fourth with 427.

The top four advance to the CIF-WSCGA finals Nov. 24 at the PGA of Southern California Golf Club in Calimesa.

Many pegged Peninsula as the team to beat even though Dos Pueblos was the defending champion with five returning starters. The Panthers, runner up for the second consecutive year, had posted several impressive 18-hole scores this year, including a 377 to win the Central Divisional Monday.

But Victoria Alimonda and Sara Ovadia shot six-over 78 and Nicole Dishman shot 80 to lead Dos Pueblos, which became the first back-to-back winner in the six years the Southern Section has crowned a team champion.

"I still can't believe it myself," Dos Pueblos Coach Doug Mitchell said. "We knew we had our work cut out for us. Peninsula is awesome and I was worried about Keppel, too. Even I don't think we should have been ranked No. 1, but it just goes to show you that on any given day any one of us can beat the other."
--Peter Yoon

401-DOS PUEBLOS (Victoria Alimonda 78, Sara Ovadia 78, Nicole Dishman 80, Amber Clifford 82, Sumika Sim 83, Sara Fox 88); 402-PENINSULA (Shannon Yocum 77, Jane Lee 79, Annika Windon 79, Colette Lowe 80, Stephanie Yocum 87, Mariko Makabe 98); 404-KEPPEL (Tina Eng 74, Dorothy Lee 78, Christina Liu 82, Mindy Kimura 85, Jade Lee 85, Kylie Kimura 89); 427--SAN CLEMENTE (Ryann O'Toole 74, Elsie Walker 78, Arielle Bowers 88, Marissa Patterson 91, Brittany Fischer 96, Tedi Potter 104).

429-CERRITOS (Brenda Chhuor 77, Jennifer Yoo 79, Rose Tang 87, Chantal Cervero 91, Stephanie Soria 95, Tiffany Chen 102); 440-TORRANCE (Angela Park 74, Dani Powell 84, Christina Siew 87, Lisa Iizuka 94, Felicia Gallegos 101, Lauren Kato 104); 443-MARINA (Jane Chin 76, Jennifer Osborn 78, Cynthia Pham 96, Connie Chai 96, Michelle Hampton 97, Elizabeth Cruz 98); 446-PALM DESERT (Alana Erlandson 79, Erin Stashi 82, Jaymee Braun 93, Suzy Astle 93, Khila Osborne 99, Kelly McDaniel 100).

448-SANTA MARGARITA (Madison Butler 80, Kathy Suarez 84, Kim Philp 92, Christine Haskell 95, Kristin Torok 97, Maria DeFilippo 106); 467-SAUGUS (Melanie DeLeon 81, Rachel Downs 85, Stephanie Aston 89, Jill Shatkus 97, Adrienne Minor 115, Wynn Shatkus 126); 473-IRVINE UNIVERSITY (Megan Chang 82, Jasmine Winters 88, Michelle Winters 93, Brittany Yee 102, Catherine Choi 108); 473-PALOMA VALLEY (Krystina Gillenwater 72, Brittany Falero 98, Jessica Lewis 98, Jasmine Guerrero 100, Roxanne Mejia 105, Lauren Michels 108).

483-CAMARILLO (Katrina Sutton 78, Gem Torres 84, Vanessa Lopez 101, Cambria Miranda 102, Stephanie Kim 118); 484-ESPERANZA (Jessie Fossey 91, Charlene Fajando 95, Lynsee Maron 96, Lauren Smith 99, Christine Choi 103, Amber Headley 107); 499-CALABASAS (Tara Hale 94, Wendy Yoo 96, Kate Souza 100, Jessie Jones 102, Jaime Hiraishi 107, Kiki Moriguchi 117); 506-QUARTZ HILL (Danielle O'Neil 82, Rishika Das 88, Alexandra Erdman 102, Chelsie Martinez 110, Stephanie Parazo 124, Stephanie O'Neal WD).

Note: Top four teams advance to CIF-WSCGA finals Nov. 24 at the PGA of Southern California Golf Club in Calimesa.

Tuesday, Nov. 11


Santa Barbara Golf Club, Par 72

Goleta Dos Pueblos, ranked No. 1 in the Southland by the times, shot a team total of 406 and easily won the Southern Section girls golf Northern Divisional championship Tuesday at Santa Barbara Golf Club.

Victoria Alimonda shot four-over-par 76 and Amber Clifford shot 77 to lead the Chargers, who finished 49 shots ahead of No. 9 Camarillo and Calabasas. It is the second consecutive Northern Divisional title for Dos Pueblos, which will defend its section championship Thursday at Indian Hills Golf Club in Riverside.

Quartz Hill shot 468 to finish fourth to earn the final berth in the section finals.
--Peter Yoon

406-DOS PUEBLOS (Victoria Alimonda 76, Amber Clifford 77, Nicole Dishman 83, Sarah Fox 85, Sumika Sim 85); 455-CAMARILLO (Katrina Sutton 75, Gem Torres 78, Vanessa Lopez 94, Cambria Miranda 102, Laura Galloway 106), CALABASAS (Lauren Bernstein 78, Wendy Yoo 87, Tara Hale 91, Katy Souza 99, Jessie Jones 100); 468-QUARTZ HILL (Danielle O'Neil 79, Stephanie O'Neal 85, Rishika Das 90, Alexandra Erdman 103, Stephanie Paraza 111).

Others: 469-Agoura; 473-Lompoc; 475-Righetti, 482-Paso Robles, Moorpark; 484-La Reina; 493-Westlake; 496-Rio Mesa; 503-San Marcos; 526-Santa Ynez; 558-Nordhoff; 624-Highland.

Note: Top four advance to Southern Section Finals Thursday at Indian Hills Golf Club, Riverside.

Monday, Nov. 10


At Yucaipa Valley Golf Club, Par 72

If 400 is the magic number in girls golf, then it might take some extra hocus pocus to catch Rolling Hills Estates Peninsula during the playoffs this year.

At least, that's the way it appears after the Panthers shot 377 to win the Southern Section Central Divisional championship Monday at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club.

Senior Jane Lee shot two-under 70, Annika Windon, also a senior, shot 74 and Shannon Yocum shot 75 for Peninsula, which broke the Southern Section record for postseason scoring by 35 shots. The section has counted five-player team scores for the last three years.

Alhambra Keppel, led by Tina Eng's 73, shot an equally-impressive 389 and finished second. Santa Margarita shot 422 to finish third and Saugus was fourth with 444. The top four teams advance to the Southern Section finals Thursday at Indian Hills Golf Club in Riverside, but most were too busy gawking at Peninsula's score to think that far in advance.

"That is an unbelievable score," Saugus Coach John Molacek said. "We knew coming in to this that it would be tough, but we didn't know it would be that tough."

It was the third division title in three years for Peninsula, which won the Southern last year and the Northern in 2001. Coach Bob Wilton joked that his team should be moved to the Eastern Division next year to complete the geographical sweep, but added that the team is more interested in another type of hardware.

The Panthers have the three Divisional titles and won the CIF-WSCGA title last year, but have not won a section championship.

"That is definitely our goal," Panther Coach Bob Wilton said. "We have a couple of these titles, so it would be nice to get that one. I'm pleased with this performance. It's a step in the right direction."

Peninsula's 374 in the Knabe Cup tournament two weeks ago is believed to be the section record for lowest 18-hole team score. The Southern Section does not track such records.

With a 389, Keppel would have won any other divisional or section championship played under the five-player format by at least 23 shots. Tuesday, it was 12 strokes short.

"I don't see how anyone can beat them," Keppel Coach Tony Sumida said. "Not if they play like that."
--Peter Yoon

377-PENINSULA (Jane Lee 70, Annika Windon 74, Shannon Yocum 75, Colette Lowe 78, Mariko Makabe 80); 389-KEPPEL (Tina Eng 73, Wendy Lee 77, Mindy Kimura 78, Dorothy Lee 80, Christina Liu 81); 422-SANTA MARGARITA (Madison Butler 78, Kathy Suarez 78, Christine Haskell 87, Kristin Torok 88, Kim Phillip 91); 444-SAUGUS (Melanie De Leon 73, Jill Shatkus 85, Stephanie Aston 88, Rachel Downs 92, Adrienne Minor 106).

452-BREA OLINDA (Jennifer Campbell 78, Yolanda Rin 85, Jazmine Titular 93, Jacquie Templin 94, Amanda Burleigh 102); 454-VILLA PARK (Hannah Shin 82, Marrissa Cuervo 84, Lisa Fukushima 90, Mimi Tran 97, Kelsey Minner 101); 462-NORTH TORRANCE (Hazel Kim 74, Cammi Kaichi 85, Brianna Splitt 99, Alison Carroll 100, Jill Yamakawa 104); 470-WEST TORRANCE (Amie Cochran 76, Emily Yeo 88, Michelle Nishida 89, Brandee Wakuda 106, Allison Branzuela 111); 471-EL DORADO (Jenna Nerys 87, Alicia Magana 90, Natalie Cheek 93, Katherine Kwon 97, Courtney Solemson 104).

473-ROSARY (Jen Sanders 76, Noelle Nasser 92, Joella Zapanta 94, Maria Hedrick 96, Elise Lally 115); 474-RIVERSIDE KING (Sommer Scholl 68, Nicole Smith 82, Samantha Miller 96, Angela Turrey 114, Stephanie Erdodi 114); 478-MATER DEI (Elaine Thobe 92, Kayln Dodge 95, Lauren Detrick 96, Christine Morte 97, Melissa Green 98); 482-FLINTRIDGE SACRED HEART (Paulina Carrillo 84, Heather Huh 91, Marcella Campbell 101, Lauren Wheeler 102, Marilupe Rosas Lopez 104).

484-CLAREMONT (Julie Cho 87, Diane Mello 90, Laela Tec 100, Kristin Otto 102, Victoria Lambert 105); 487-HART (Eleanna Tan 89, Keshia Peris 91, Elise Rollins 97, Jen Brown 103, Stephanie Ponek 107); 491-HARVARD WESTLAKE (Hillary Mow 81, Ally Young 95, Emily Cruse 102, Brooke Matthias 104, Denise Hasson 109); 499-SHERMAN OAKS NOTRE DAME (Faith Deguzman 76, Laura Lee 100, Natasha Plengsangtip 103, Tiffany Plengsangtip 107, Mary Celentano 113); 520-VALENCIA (Stevy Loy 90, Michelle Mannix 99, Kristin Tayo 104, Lizzie Barcellos 107, Tracy White 120).

At Seven Hills Golf Club, Hemet, Par 72

Cerritos shot 417 and won the Eastern Divisional by 11 shots over Palm Desert at Seven hills Golf Club in Hemet. Jennifer Yoo shot one-over 73 and Brenda Chhuor shot 74 to lead Cerritos. Torrance, which got a 70 from sophomore Angela Park, shot 441 and Paloma Valley shot 448 to advance to the section finals.
--Peter Yoon

417-CERRITOS (Jennifer Yoo 73, Brenda Chhuor 74, Rosie Tang 89, Cervero 90, Stephanie Soria 91); 428-PALM DESERT (Alana Erlandson 78, Erin Stashi 79, Jaymee Braun 87, Kelly McDaniel 91, Susie Astle 93); 441-TORRANCE (Angela Park 70, Dani Powell 89, Lisa Iizuka 89, Christina Siew 92, Kato 101); 448-PALOMA VALLEY (Krystina Gillenwater 70, Brittany Falero 85, Jessica Lewis 97, Roxanne Mejia 98, Jasmine Guerrero 98).

At El Prado Golf Course, Butterfield Course, Chino, Par 72

Ryann O'Toole shot three-over 75, Marissa Patterson shot 78 and Elsie Walker had a 79 to lead San Clemente, which shot a team score of 406 and won by two shots over Huntington Beach Marina at El Prado Golf Course in Chino. Jennifer Osborn and Jane Chin each shot 71 to lead Marina. Anaheim Esperanza finished third with 429 and Irvine University shot 435 to finish fourth and earn the final berth in the section finals.
--Peter Yoon

406-SAN CLEMENTE (Ryann O'Toole 75, Marissa Patterson 78, Elsie Walker 79, Arielle Bowers 82, Brittany Fischer 92); 408-MARINA (Jennifer Osborn 71, Jane Chin 71, Cynthia Pham 85, Michelle Hampton 89, Elizabeth Cruz 92); 429-ESPERANZA (Jessie Fossey 82, Charlene Fajardo 82, Mindi Hollingsworth 87, Christine Choi 89, Lynsee Maron 89); 435-IRVINE UNIVERSITY 435 (Jasmine Winters 78, Michelle Winters 81, Megan Chang 83, Brittney Yee 96, Catherine Choi 97).

Others: 436-Woodbridge; 443-Northwood; 445-Los Alamitos; 447-Corona del Mar, Foothill; 455-Mission Viejo; 464-El Toro; 488-Cypress, Kennedy, Orange Lutheran; 490-Savanna; 524-Oxford Academy; 526-Gahr.

Note: Top four advance to Southern Section Finals Thursday at Indian Hills Golf Club, Riverside.

CIF-Northern California Golf Assn. Finals
At Stockton Golf and Country Club, Par 72

TEAM: 448-SAN FRANCISCO ST. IGNATIUS (Elaine Harris 78, Ai Chen 93, Keiko Fukuda 92, Rosalie Tolentino 83, Coleen McHugh 102); 451-ACALANES (Christina Hirano 78, Megan Padua 84, Taylor Lee 87, Morgan Perales 97, Lara Alexander 105); 460-MODESTO BEYER (Marina Martinez 85, Natalie Jennings 84, Denise Canadas 98, Becky Hale 93, Kelly Ingram 100).

IND: 77-Julianna Uhrik (Modesto); 78-Hannah Summerhays (Fair Oaks Del Campo), Christina Hirano (Acalanes), Sydney Roughton (Davis), Blaine Harris (St. Ignatius); 79-Sara Lester (Northgate), Casy Gee (Sacramento St. Francis); 81-Joanne Lee (Belmont Carlmont).

Note: Top three teams and top six individuals not on qualifying teams advance to state championship Nov. 25 at PGA of Southern California Golf Club, Calimesa.