Devo creates new energy dome face shields for pandemic protection

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Now that face coverings are a part of our foreseeable future, Devo wants to ensure fans are protected from the coronavirus — with style.

The quirky, sci-fi rockers, whose 1980 hit “Whip It” launched them into mainstream popularity, on Friday shared an online store featuring coronavirus merchandise. Offerings include themed face masks and Devo’s iconic red energy dome hats with an attached clear plastic face protector.

“Stay safe from invisible particles and unwanted bodily fluids,” reads the website’s description of the red Devo energy dome headgear.


On the band’s website, Devo cofounder Gerald Casale explained the purpose of their signature energy dome, which the band introduced in tandem with their 1980 LP “Freedom of Choice.”

“Graphically bold design in aggressive, primary red, it became the most iconic symbol of the band’s multimedia mission to spread the idea of Devolution,” he said about the dome. “We explained that once the dome was placed on your head it recycled the electrical energy that regularly escapes from your brain. People of course laughed. Now the dome is no longer a source of controversy or derision. Its popularity is a sort of proof that De-evolution is real!”

Fans also will find two types of Devo-themed face masks, T-shirts and a standard energy dome hat, sans the protective shield.

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May 15, 2020