Three inmates escape from Orange County jail

Three inmates escape from Orange County jail
Hossein Nayeri, left, Jonathan Tieu and Bac Duong escaped from the Orange County Men’s Central Jail on Jan. 22. They were recaptured a week later. (Orange County's Sheriff's Department)

Jonathan Tieu, 20; Bac Duong, 43; and Hossein Nayeri, 37, escaped from the Men's Central Jail in Santa Ana on Jan. 22. To escape, they had to cut through at least four layers of metal, steel and rebar in the dormitory, go through unsecured plumbing tunnels and make their way to the roof, where they used a makeshift rope of knotted bedsheets and cloth to rappel to freedom, said Lt. Jeffrey Hallock, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Cab driver who was kidnapped by O.C. jail escapees didn't get a reward — so he plans to sue

The cab driver who was kidnapped by three Orange County jail escapees said Friday that he planned to sue the county for discrimination.

Staff cuts at O.C. jail made escape easier, deputies' union contends

Staff cuts at an Orange County jail removed obstacles that would have otherwise prevented three dangerous inmates from breaking out last month, according to a lawsuit filed by sheriff's deputies.

The first time O.C. escapee Nayeri fled? As a teen from the U.S. Marines

Years before his other well-known instances of taking flight ¿ from criminal cases in Madera County, Orange County and, finally, from the Orange County jail itself -- Hossein Nayeri fled his post as a U.S. Marine.

O.C. Sheriff's Department examines what went wrong as fugitives return to jail

The focus shifts to how the three carried out such a brazen jailbreak.

Orange County jail escapees may have fled to San Jose or Fresno, one fugitive has been captured

One of three men who escaped from an Orange County jailhouse last week surrendered to police on Friday, law enforcement officials said.

More details emerging about English teacher arrested in O.C. jail break plot

Details on Nooshafarin Ravaghi¿s arrest and her employment at the Orange County jail and the Rancho Santiago Community College will be released to the public on Thursday, sheriff¿s spokesman Lt. Jeffrey Hallock said.

Alleged gang members arrested in O.C. jailbreak probe, but 3 escapees still at large

Five gang members have been arrested as part of the investigation into a jailbreak at Orange County's largest lockup, but police have yet to locate the three men who escaped from the Men's Central Jail in Santa Ana last week, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said Wednesday.

Search underway for 3 inmates who escaped from Orange County jail

Orange County Sheriff¿s deputies are searching for three inmates charged with violent crimes who escaped from a Santa Ana jail, authorities said Saturday.