For the record

Heavy D death: In the Dec. 28 LATExtra section, an article about the autopsy report on the death of rapper Heavy D, which found that he died of a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot, erred in quoting Dr. Matthew Butteri, a specialist in internal medicine. Butteri described the development of the fatal blockage in the lung as “an infarction,” not an “infraction.”

Radio ratings: In the Dec. 28 Calendar section, an article about the monthly Arbitron radio ratings identified Sean Ross as executive editor of music and programing for the trade journal Ross works for

Woody Allen: In the Dec. 27 Calendar section, an article about Woody Allen’s jazz hobby said that one of his early clarinet performances before an audience came at Earthquake Magoo’s in San Francisco. The club’s name was Earthquake McGoon’s.