Spirit Airlines wants to hug its haters


Spirit Airlines, the carrier with the nation’s highest passenger complaint rate, believes it is just misunderstood.

Maybe passengers will learn to love Spirit if they understand that the Florida-based airline charges fees for carry-on bags, food, drinks and about 70 other extras simply to keep base fares low.

That is the thinking behind a campaign launched last week by Spirit. As part of the effort, Spirit secured a trademark for the term “Bare Fare,” as in a fare that is stripped of all extra costs.


Spirit has also produced two videos, one each of a young man and a young woman stripping down to their underwear to fill a carry-on bag with the clothes they need for a quick trip.

While other airlines include the cost of snacks and reclining seats into the base fare, Spirit says it’s focus is only on getting you from point A to point B with no extras.

“We know that can be a surprise if you are used to other airlines that offer bundled fares, charging higher total prices including stuff you may not even use,” said Ben Baldanza, chief executive of Spirit Airlines. “We know some people say they hate Spirit. We are going to hug the haters.”