Taco trucks feeding striking teachers: ‘It’s L.A. What else are you going to bring?’

A taco truck operator makes a burrito for striking LAUSD teachers.
(Steve Saldivar / Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles teachers’ strike began with rain, but at least there was food.

Taco truck operators showed up some schools to provide teachers with food.

“It’s L.A. What else are you going to bring?” Victor Fernandez said. “It’s tacos. Nobody hates tacos.”


About 50 people picketed outside the Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Among them were husband and wife Tirsa and Steve Farah, who had a cart offering free coffee and conchas to picketers.

Tirsa said her mother has been a teacher at Garfield High School for 30 years now. They chose this location because it was near her business, Tirsa’s Mexican Café.

“I couldn’t not do it,” Tirsa, 33, said of being out at the protest. “This is history in the making.”

Her family is full of educators. She wore red lipstick, a red bandana and red apron in support of the strike. Tomorrow, she said she plans on joining her mother at Garfield High to offer treats and coffee to the early morning picketers.

“They’re the heroes,” she said of the teachers.

The Taco for Teachers fund used to pay for the taco trucks, was started by The Democratic Socialists of America and the International Socialists Organization. Their GoFundMe page raised more than $13,000.

More taco trucks are scheduled to visit schools in El Sereno, Boyle Heights, Venice and North Hollywood.