Dog alerts owners to a bag of puppies dumped with trash

A dog followed his nose to three puppies that were tossed out Monday with garbage at a Bay Area park.

A couple were walking their Australian shepherd at Paso Nogal Park in Pleasant Hill when its nose alerted them to a tightly wound plastic bag, Contra Costa animal control officials said.

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They untied the bag and found three small puppies who officials said “had been discarded like trash.”


The couple took the puppies home with them cleaned them up, and fed them. The following day, they dropped the puppies off at the animal shelter.

“We are both saddened at the inhumanity and grateful at the compassion shown,” officials said.

The puppies were transferred to the East Bay SPCA in Dublin.

Anyone with information about the puppies’ owner is urged to call animal control at (925) 335-8300.


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