Drug overdose at Chico home leaves one dead and a dozen hospitalized; authorities suspect fentanyl


One person died Saturday and more than a dozen others were hospitalized after a drug overdose, according to the Chico Police Department.

The mass overdose was believed to be caused by the ingestion of fentanyl or a similar drug, authorities said.

Police and firefighters responded shortly after 9 a.m. to a home in the 1100 block of Santana Court and found several people in varying states of consciousness, Police Chief Michael O’Brien said during an afternoon news conference.


The first two officers who arrived at the scene began to administer CPR and gave doses of naxolone, which is used to treat narcotic overdoses. O’Brien said officers began carrying the drug last year because they often deal with heroin overdoses.

At least one man was pronounced dead at the home.

O’Brien said fire paramedics took about 12 people, ages 19 to 30, to Enloe Medical Center. He said four patients were listed in critical condition, and eight were admitted to the hospital.

He said the number of dead could rise.

The two Chico police officers who had arrived at the scene first were also taken to a hospital after saying they felt ill, O’Brien said. They were treated and released.

Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.

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