‘Technical issues’ at LAPD dispatch center prompt precautionary tactical alert

The Los Angeles Police Department went on a citywide tactical alert Friday morning after “technical issues” at a downtown communications center disrupted how officers receive calls for service, officials said.

The glitch meant dispatchers couldn’t send calls directly to the computers that are in police cars, said Officer Tony Im, an LAPD spokesman. Those computers typically provide officers with key details about calls for help, including what the reported crime is, where it occurred and descriptions of possible suspects.

The technical problems did not affect 911 calls or police service, Im said. Staff at individual police stations were radioing officers with information about the calls instead.

The tactical alert, which allows the department to have more officers and resources at the ready, is just a precaution, Im said.


“We will still be able to provide the high quality of service that we do on a daily basis,” Im said.


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