Outrage after San Francisco mother killed in park by city truck

Residents in a San Francisco neighborhood expressed shock and outrage after a 35-year-old mother was fatally run over by a city maintenance truck as she sunbathed with her baby and dog.

Some parkgoers said they regularly see city trucks driving through the grass of the park at high speeds.

“They just drive through the park like a freeway,” resident Wardy Joubert, 39, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “They have a pathway to drive on so I don’t see why they go on the grass.”

The accident occurred at 2 p.m. Thursday in Holly Park, where the woman was apparently sunbathing.


She was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her baby and dog were not hurt.

A resident who lives nearby said the maintenance trucks frequently drive through the grass at the park.

“Bound to happen. I’m surprised that we haven’t had more dogs run over because some people let their dogs run loose,” Patricia Leach told KGO-TV.



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