Santa Ana winds kill dozens of fish in O.C. lake

Lake Huntington
Dozens of dead carp washed onto the shore of Lake Huntington in Central Park in Huntington Beach due to Santa Ana winds.

Dozens of dead carp have washed onto the shore of Lake Huntington in Huntington Beach’s Central Park because of conditions created by Santa Ana winds, a Huntington Beach official said.

Dave Dominguez, the city’s facilities, development and concessions manager, said the recent hot, dry winds have churned the shallow lake, bringing oxygen-deprived water from the bottom to the surface and killing the fish.

“It’s a natural occurrence,” Dominguez told the Times Community News. “A city crew is going down there and checking for dead fish, and they’ll remove them. We’ll keep monitoring it as it goes through its process.”

Dominguez said there is nothing the city can do to prevent the fish from dying.