Identity of girl killed at Santa Fe Springs car show revealed

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The Los Angeles County coroner has confirmed the identity of a 7-year-old girl killed in a car crash at a weekend car show in Santa Fe Springs.

Mia Chapman of Gardena died instantly when a vehicle being driven out of the car show at 10230 Freeman Ave. veered out of control and struck her about 7:30 p.m. Sunday, officials said.

Police said a number of car clubs had gathered for an event at a business Sunday. Video of the event showed classic cars and low-riders decked out with hydraulics bouncing feet into the air with crowds standing just inches away.


Witnesses told KTLA-TV that the vehicle did not hit Mia directly, but rather struck a stack of pallets holding water bottles, which fell on the girl and caused her fatal injuries.

No arrests have been made in the incident and no charges were pending, authorities said. One question being addressed is whether permits had been obtained for the event.

“I’m very distraught. I’m very upset,” a tearful Patricia Scott -- identified as the girl’s great aunt -- told KTLA-TV. “This is really, really a shock.”

The Whittier Police Department, which patrols neighboring Santa Fe Springs under contract, said its investigation was continuing.

“A vehicle upon exiting the building lost control and struck a 7-year-old girl, killing her instantly,” the department said in a statement.

An autopsy on the girl was scheduled for Tuesday.



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