Parking garage under construction in downtown L.A. partially collapses

A massive multistory parking garage under construction in downtown Los Angeles partially collapsed Friday morning but no one was injured, fire and transit officials said.

Officials said a concrete pour was being conducted around 6:30 a.m. when a worker responsible for monitoring the pour heard an unusual sound and radioed to get everyone off the construction site. Shortly before 8:50 all workers had cleared the area, and around that time part of the structure went down, said Metro spokesman Paul Gonzales.


"All the safety procedures worked as designed," he said.

The garage is located in the 800 block of Keller Street officials said. When complete, it will take up about half a city block, Gonzales said. It is part of a larger MTA project that will build a "modern, state-of-the-art bus maintenance facility to the area," Gonzales said.

"This is going to need to be investigated," Gonzales said. "Our target time to complete this was this summer -- so that will be delayed."

An aerial photo of the site showed metal strewn across the ground and collapsed pieces of a roof near a crane.

Gonzales said officials were still on scene more than an hour later, but he was not aware of any surrounding roads that were closed. he said a "thorough investigation" is being conducted by Metro and a contract and design firm associated with the project.

He said about 180 workers were on the project site Friday morning.

"Everybody has been accounted for … which we're thankful for," he said.

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