Surfer films great white shark going airborne off Orange County beach


Drew Palumbo has recorded countless videos while surfing along the Orange County coast.

But one video now stands out -- the one he took Monday of a great white shark leaping out of the water at Sunset Beach.

Palumbo captured the breaching shark on his GoPro while surfing with his friend Ben Slayback and posted it the next day.

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He said the shark was 100 yards away. “A once in a life sight ... hopefully” Palumbo said on the video. “Cheers, shark!”

It is the latest in a series of shark sightings along Orange County’s coastline.

Last July, marine officials banned all swimming and surfing at Sunset Beach after a shark exhibited aggressive behavior and bumped a surfer, marking the first time marine officials have closed the waters.

Then in October, a 10-foot shark rushed toward a 44-year-old surfer at Sunset Beach. The incident led to the closure of three beaches.

That same month, an 8-foot hammerhead shark was spotted in Newport Beach. It was the second such sighting of a hammerhead shark.

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