Boardwalk crash: Driver was ‘moving purposefully,’ witnesses say

A driver who witnesses described as “moving purposefully” struck a dozen people on the Venice boardwalk early Saturday evening.

Two of the pedestrians were injured critically, two were categorized as having “serious” injuries and eight others suffered minor injuries, authorities said.

The incident occurred about 6 p.m. at the boardwalk’s intersection with Dudley Avenue. “The vehicle appeared to be moving purposefully down the boardwalk according to witnesses,” said Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Humphrey said witnesses described a dark-colored sedan striking the crowd.


“A car plowed through the boardwalk,” said a stunned Daniel Regidor, who had been out for a run and was a short distance away when the crash occurred.

He described “people screaming, running.”

“I was half a mile from the scene, but you could see just this mass of people trying to get out of the way ... just a lot of people screaming,” Regidor said in a telephone interview. “It was horrible.

“I saw somebody flying up in the air.... When I came upon the scene, there were a bunch of people on the ground, bloodied,” he said. “Some looked pretty mangled, head injuries, just a lot of blood.”


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