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Not classy: 'Anchorman' Ron Burgundy takes over local newscast

Will Ferrell, as "Anchorman's" Ron Burgundy, reads local news on Bismarck, N.D., TV station. Robin Abcarian is not amused.

Are Sikhs turban-wearing TSA targets? App tracks claims of profiling

There is an update to a free app, FlyRights, that allows travelers to file discrimination complaints directly to the TSA.

Costco's Bible sin: Fact or fiction?

Sarah Palin: She's annoying, but enough with the abuse

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Good news and bad news for women as the abortion battle rages on

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Liz Cheney, gay marriage

Which political sibling is worse: Liz Cheney or Doug Ford?

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Just how safe are those tea party House Republicans, anyway?

Shutdown: Americans prefer zombies, hemorrhoids, IRS to Congress

Government shutdown spurs name-calling; a turn-off or a turn-on?

Democrats and Republicans are paying little political price for invective.

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Navy Yard shooting a time for gun control, not just prayer

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Shellie Zimmerman says marriage is on shaky ground

Miley Cyrus should not feel ashamed for her VMA twerking

Bob Filner may turn out to be Republicans' best friend

Long starved of power, many San Diego liberals were willing to overlook Filner's reputation. Now it looks like a big mistake.

Filner's shameful resignation speech: More self-pity, denial

Impeaching President Obama: A dream come true, for Democrats

Don't spend taxpayer money on Filner's harassment, Allred says

Two speeches: Obama good, but Martin Luther King Jr. great

Bradley Manning wants to live as a woman named Chelsea Manning

Michael Hastings wrestled with demons, but legacy remains intact

Did Ted Cruz, the Canadian, get the kind of healthcare he now scorns?

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was born in Canada, which has the kind of national healthcare he now scorns.

San Diego's long Filner nightmare might soon be over

Bob Filner: San Diego's 'Mayor Headlock' in a world of hurt

Bob Filner's sexual-harassment training excuse doesn't add up

Filner has few defenders left amid sexual harassment charges

Venice crash: A noisy moment of silence at tourist hot spot

Rodeo clown with Obama mask has big defender: Rush Limbaugh

Tennessee judge oversteps in ordering name change for Baby Messiah

A Baby Messiah? The parents, not a judge, should determine his name.

Gloria Allred is easy to criticize, but just wait 'til you need her

Gloria Allred is back in the news and -- not that she gives a flying fig ¿ but the haters are out in force.

Oprah Winfrey's 'racist moments' are sobering

Paula Deen isn't off the hook for her food or behavior

Filner sex scandal gets weirder with 'Blurred Lines' parody

Detainment of Glenn Greenwald's partner an abuse of U.K. Terrorism Act

The detention of Glenn Greenwald¿s partner, David Miranda, as he traveled through England to Brazil should come as no surprise.

If Zimmerman 'got away with murder,' how 'stand your ground' law helped

If Zimmerman 'got away with murder,' how 'stand your ground' law helped

San Diego can't seem to shake Mayor Filner, a.k.a. Headlock Bob

Mayor 'Headlock' Filner won't spell out his misconduct, so we will

A bankrupt Detroit, maybe down but never out

Anthony Weiner scandal is not over until voters say it's over

Anthony Weiner's wife wants to reassure us. Don't trust her.

Anthony Weiner's wife takes his side after another sexting scandal. But her assurances mean nothing.