Motorcycle-riding Easter Bunny encounters CHP on the freeway

LA MESA, Calif. -- And there he was: the Easter Bunny riding a shiny red motorcycle westbound on Interstate 8 along this San Diego suburb.

California Highway Patrol Officer Adam Griffiths spotted the bunny on Saturday. White furry suit: good. Pink ears: good. Floppy white feet: good. White gloves: good. No helmet: not good.


Griffiths flicked on his red light and ordered the motorcyle rider to pull over.

The bunny had an explanation: I’m on my way to an Easter charitable event and this is my costume, he said.


Griffiths nodded. Charitable event? OK. A warning this time, no ticket. But next time, wear a helmet and make sure your vision is not obstructed by your costume. Obstructed vision is dangerous on a freeway.

“If you ride a motorcycle, you have to be aware of your total surroundings,” explained CHP spokesman Brian Pennings.


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