Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes: Multiple arrests, but one question


Karma can be a … well, you know. Just days after Lindsay Lohan used Twitter to complain that fellow former child actress Amanda Bynes was receiving preferential treatment by law enforcement, Lohan has been busted yet again.

This time, Lohan allegedly ran afoul of the law in New York City, where she reportedly left the scene of an accident after hitting a pedestrian with her car. The alleged victim, a man in his 30s, was taken to a hospital after complaining of knee pain; the incident is said to have taken place in a Chelsea alley while Lohan was parking.

The coincidence was too much for many celebrity watchers to resist: The fact that Lohan and Bynes have been bad-mouthing each other over their respective driving problems sent the social media world into a tizzy Wednesday morning.

Just a few sample Tweets about the former Disney child star (Lohan) and former Nickelodeon child star (Bynes):


--”Lindsay Lohan got arrested this morning. Way to really show Amanda Bynes who’s boss! You go, girl!”

--”I guess Lindsay Lohan is tired of Amanda Bynes stealing her thunder.”

--”How long til the inevitable #SNL Driver’s Ed w/ Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan sketch?”

--”Thelma & Louise” remake with Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes? Works, right?”

--”Disney versus Nick!”

There’s even a “Lindsay Lohan Vs Amanda Bynes: Who Is More Reckless?” poll on gossip site Perez Hilton.

Lohan was cited and released in her latest brush with the law, which follows just days after the actress -- who has had a long string of legal problems -- turned to Twitter to vent her anger that law enforcement seems to crack down on her while giving Bynes a free pass.

“Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?” Lohan Tweeted after the incident made headlines.

Lohan appeared to be referring to the recent string of driving mishaps racked up by Bynes, who was driving with a suspended license when she was pulled over by Burbank airport police on Sunday. Bynes, who is already facing two hit-and-run charges and one of driving under the influence, was cited by the Burbank officer and released.

For her part, Bynes has supposedly blasted back among her friends, saying Lohan’s legal woes are way worse, according to TMZ.


One question: Can’t either of these actresses afford a chauffeur?


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