Newsletter: Essential California: For Clinton and Sanders, it comes down to this

Bernie Sanders
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses supporters during a rally Saturday in National City, Calif.
(Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images)

Good morning. It’s Monday, May 23, and here’s what’s going on across California:


Not business as usual

The Los Angeles Police Commission has become a battleground for protests that were once confined to the streets. The Black Lives Matter movement has embraced disruption as a key strategy for keeping public attention on its concerns over policing and officers’ use of force. Los Angeles Times


Water fight

Water conservation is bringing an ugly side effect in some California communities: rising water bills, as officials struggle to recoup revenues lost by selling less water. In Yorba Linda, this issue is fomenting a political revolution. Los Angeles Times

Battleground state

The Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton fight marches on in California. Some Sanders supporters are backing a lawsuit demanding voter registration be extended past Monday’s deadline until the day of the state’s primary election on June 7. Los Angeles Times



Let it snow: Northern California was hit by another round of snow and rain this weekend — continuing a lucky wet streak that continues to help drought relief efforts. Orange County Register

Dry town: What happens when one small California town runs out of water? The Atlantic


New heights: One of the region’s most famed crossroads — Santa Monica and Wilshire in Beverly Hills — is about to be transformed by development. The question is how many towers and how tall will they be? Los Angeles Times

Tanks for the memories: The space shuttle external fuel tank moved through the streets of Los Angeles this weekend. It didn’t become the same phenomenon that the Space Shuttle Endeavour trek was, but it brought out crowds and produced many selfies. Los Angeles Times

How to help: Want to help the homeless? Steve Lopez has an action plan for you. Los Angeles Times

Pick up the tab: Expensive meals and trips have raised concerns at one Valley charter school. L.A. Daily News



Horse feathers: Horse owners in the San Fernando Valley aren’t happy about the prospect of a bullet train whizzing by their beloved steeds. Los Angeles Times

Across the bow: Gov. Jerry Brown took a not-too-subtle shot at Bernie Sanders: “I don’t think anybody should be seeking the Democratic nomination with a scorched-earth policy. At the end of the day, we’ve all got to work together.” Los Angeles Times

Key voters: In California, it might all come down to the vast Latino vote. And both Clinton and Sanders are working that demographic hard. Associated Press

Legacy: Brown wants to leave his historic fourth term as governor on a high note. But he’s increasingly concerned he might step down during times of trouble. Sacramento Bee


Share the road: Motorcycle deaths are rising around the country — but for reasons that are not fully clear, they are falling in California. Los Angeles Times

No regrets: A leading Muslim American civil rights group took a risk coming to the aid of the family of the San Bernardino shooters. Five months later, group leaders have no regrets. Los Angeles Times


Unique lockup: The only federal immigration facility with a special wing for gay, bisexual and transgender detainees is located in Santa Ana. And it might close in four years amid debate in the city and beyond. BuzzFeed

What was the motive?: A mob of mostly teenagers beat a man into a coma in San Francisco, baffling police. Los Angeles Times


What happened? The Padres have disciplined an employee after the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus’ performance of the national anthem at the Padres-Dodgers game Saturday was drowned out by a recording of a woman singing. Los Angeles Times

Dream house: Has the California bungalow outlived its usefulness in the housing-starved California of 2016? Boom

Crikey!: What? Soft tacos? This video of an Australian woman questioning one of L.A.’s most famous taco trucks has gone viral. LAist

The lady in red: Why red has become the red-carpet color of choice for female celebrities. New York Times

Carnivore camera: Hidden cameras capture wildlife — both cute and scary — at Mt. Tam. SFGate


In Los Angeles, it will be partly cloudy with a high of 68 degrees. San Diego will be slightly cooler with 66 degrees. Sacramento will be sunny, with a few clouds, and reach 74 degrees. San Francisco will top out at 62.


This week’s birthdays for notable Californians:

L.A. City Councilman Felipe Fuentes (May 25, 1971) and musician Lenny Kravitz (May 26, 1964)

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