Newsletter: Essential California: Obsession with ‘Dreamers’ breeds resentment among other immigrants here illegally

Alessandro Negrete, a 35-year-old immigrant who is in the country without legal status, is tired of the spotlight on DACA recipients.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Monday, Feb. 19 — Presidents Day. Here’s what’s happening across California:


So-called “Dreamers” have become the focus of so much of the immigration debate, with Democrats saying protecting them is a line in the sand and even President Trump expressing admiration for them. But other immigrants here illegally feel resentful and forgotten, with Trump and his supporters characterizing them as criminals. “I’m very bitter,” says one man who doesn’t qualify for relief under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. “These DACA kids definitely have this sense of entitlement.” Los Angeles Times

Double pay


Reforms aimed at reducing waste in a program that allows veteran L.A. cops and firefighters to collect both their pensions and their salaries simultaneously appear not to have stopped problems that critics say cost millions of taxpayer dollars, a Times investigation has found. Los Angeles Times

Beyond gun control

Many school psychologists say it’s never been harder to be a kid. Getting those in trouble more help doesn’t get enough attention after school shootings, says columnist Steve Lopez. Gun control is essential, but so are accessible mental health services. Los Angeles Times


All-Star shutout: What happens to L.A. when the NBA world comes to town and demands a party. Los Angeles Times

Stepping away: Lynwood Mayor Pro Tem Edwin Hernandez has agreed to relinquish his position as the city investigates allegations of sexual harassment made against him by a female city employee. Los Angeles Times


Why not? George Will says we should take Eric Garcetti seriously as a presidential candidate, but in his own way. “Anyway, Garcetti deserves a hearing. America could do worse.” Washington Post

Brrr: A low-pressure system moving in from the north is expected to bring snow showers in the mountains and foothills of Los Angeles and Ventura counties along with the coldest temperatures in the region so far this winter season. Los Angeles Times


Investigation: A shocking report on abuse in the world of swimming. Orange County Register

Fires’ aftermath: For victims of the wine country fires, the shock and horror of the early days have given way to lingering grief and agony over whether to rebuild or move on. But the most perplexing and time-consuming matter for victims has been insurance. Los Angeles Times

Unintended consequence? Is Trump actually making MS-13 stronger? New York Times



What if: One Trump tweet could be very painful for California Republicans. Los Angeles Times

Coalition: Trying to rebuild the political alliance between African Americans and Chinese Americans in San Francisco. San Francisco Chronicle

Eye-opener: You’ve probably seen the bemused headlines: “Coffee in California may soon come with a spoonful of cancer warnings.” There’s wacky California, doing its liberalism-through-regulation schtick again. Los Angeles Times

Sorry: The former owner of the San Diego Union-Tribune has apologized “to any employee who felt uncomfortable or demeaned” during his ownership as he seeks approval to become the U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas. San Diego Union-Tribune

Underrepresented: Why are there so few Latino and black students in Advanced Placement classes in California? Sacramento Bee



Bay Area references: The “Black Panther” film is a huge moment for Oakland, and the city seems ready for its closeup. SF Gate

History lesson: The real Black Panthers of Oakland — and how the radical political movement and the movie are different but in some ways connected. KQED

The impact: The movie is a huge hit for Hollywood. By for fans, there is something much deeper at work here. Los Angeles Times

Fake claims: Over the last few days, Twitter trolls have taken to social media to spread false reports of being attacked while going to see “Black Panther,” the first movie in the Marvel Studios led by a predominantly black cast. Los Angeles Times

The soundtrack: A moment to shine for Kendrick Lamar. Los Angeles Times



Another twist: They called him “the third brother.” For years, Weinstein Co. President David Glasser served as right-hand man to Harvey Weinstein, working as a peacemaker between the volatile movie mogul and his brother and partner, Bob. That all abruptly ended Friday night, when Weinstein Co.’s board of directors fired him after a decade at the company. Los Angeles Times

Growing pains? Tesla is struggling with snail’s-pace production of its Model 3 and faces early criticism over a variety of quality problems. Los Angeles Times

Plus: The Toyota Prius software fix may reduce fuel efficiency, experts say. Los Angeles Times

Culinary VIP: Food writer Ruth Reichl gets the access necessary to have the L.A. food tour most of us only dream about. It helps to know “Wolf.” Ruth Reichl

A legend: The wild story of one of Yosemite’s wildest rock climbers. SF Gate


“Echo chamber”: In Silicon Valley, conservatives feel like an endangered species. Wall Street Journal


Los Angeles area: mostly sunny and 58. San Diego: cloudy and 58. San Francisco area: sunny and 51. Sacramento: sunny and 54. More weather is here.


This week’s birthdays for those who made a mark in California:

Rep. Jared Huffman (Feb. 18, 1964), rapper-producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young (Feb. 18, 1965), author Amy Tan (Feb. 19, 1952), Nobel laureate and UC Berkeley physics professor George Smoot (Feb. 20, 1945) and producer David Geffen (Feb. 21, 1943).

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