Letters: Food for thought on the poverty fight

Re “War on Poverty — not a lost cause,” Opinion, Jan. 7

I appreciate the piece by Ann Stevens and Marianne Page noting the battles being won in the war on poverty. But while it’s critical to acknowledge our successes, it’s important to know that about one-quarter of children in California are food insecure at some point in the year.

California has the highest poverty rate in the country, and our food pantries cannot meet the demand. Anti-poverty programs improve immediate well-being and also boost the chances that the next generation will be better off.

It’s baffling to me, then, that according to a Times report last year, California is the No. 1 state in the nation in discouraging our needy from signing up for food stamps.

With so many suffering, why is our participation rate only about half of those qualified? We can do better.

Anita J. Lee


Sherman Oaks

The writer is a domestic poverty advocate.


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