Letters: Defending Romney’s property-tax break

Re “Romneys get tax break in La Jolla,” Aug. 6

In California, every homeowner has the legal right to dispute his home valuation, which impacts the property tax assessed on the house.

People took advantage of the housing bust to lower their taxes. In prosperous times, the government earns more property tax revenue. I don’t expect anybody not to do something that I am doing.

Mitt Romney is within his rights to seek to lower his tax liability for his home in La Jolla. Stop making him a villain when most of us are acting like he is.


Marcos Camargo

San Diego

Accepting tax breaks of hundreds of thousands of dollars, either in property taxes or in income tax reductions (for losses he could easily afford related to the care of his wife’s horse), may be within Romney’s legal rights.

Morally, it’s a different issue. His assertion that he understands the plight of everyday people dealing with our deep fiscal crisis tells me that he does not get it.


Americans hold their presidential candidates to a higher standard of not only fairness but also generosity and compassion toward those who have less.

Milt Halsted

San Juan Capistrano



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