Letters: Californians for Obama? Big surprise

Re “Obama’s lead in California remains solid,” USC Dornsife / Times Poll, May 29

It takes a long time, sometimes never, for people to wake up to reality.

First, we elected an incompetent governor in Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then we follow that by electing Jerry Brown, and our deficit still soars. We continue to elect state Senate and Assembly members interested more in their careers than in running the state.

We reelect Sen. Barbara Boxer, who lacks much influence in the Senate despite her seniority. Sen. Dianne Feinstein now wants another term.


Then, to top it off, the polls show President Obama has a big lead in California. It is very difficult to determine anything Obama has done for California except stop here numerous times to collect money for his campaign. Please, wake us up.

Charles Larson

Newport Beach

What a revelation: Obama leads in California. This is certainly prize-winning material.


Bob Guarrera

Laguna Niguel


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