Letters: San Diego's clueless mayor

Re "Filner is on his own for legal bills," July 31

Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego, facing accusations of sexual harassment, says he is entering therapy for two weeks to learn how to behave better. It reminds me of someone who once asked if a person on a desert island dying of thirst, who saw a glass of water, would think it's enough to save him.

Filner was delusional to think the City Council would pay his legal bills with taxpayer money. He should resign immediately because of his alleged misconduct.

Judy R. Martin

Los Angeles

Californians are a forgetful lot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger faced similar allegations of harassment when he first ran for governor in 2003, yet he was elected twice.

This isn't to condone the acts, but just to make a point.

Dave Schaar



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