Letters: An L.A. park targets sex offenders

A man jogs in Harbor Gateway, where some neighborhoods house many sex offenders. Some critics doubt that forcing them out will make communities safer and say offenders' constitutional rights may be violated.
(Los Angeles Times)

Re “L.A. adds parks to oust sex offenders,” March 1

I am not a sex offender and to my knowledge don’t know any sex offenders. I certainly don’t condone the illegal actions they committed. And under other circumstances, I would think creating more parks is good.

But when I read The Times’ article about L.A. creating a park in order to force sex offenders from their apartments, I was horrified. Sex offenders need homes like everyone else. These people are human beings and need more support from the city, not less. I’m sure most are trying to put their lives back together and to fight their own urges.

If the city wants to help society, it should assist former sex offenders to have decent housing, provide them with social services and help them get jobs, rather than force them onto the streets.


Rebecca Rona
Culver City

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to grasp the level of insanity that exists in the efforts to control the population of sex offenders.

Protecting children is no longer the end that has until now justified the means; now the children have become the means that will ultimately justify the true end: NIMBYism.

As the offender population shifts and contorts and compacts to align to ever-changing boundaries, will we have children in strategically located outposts, like military forts across the old West, who will be used to in effect ward off roving bands of sex offenders?

Errol Miller


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