Letters: Mental health and marijuana

Re “Medical pot is here to stay,” Column, March 8

I’m glad that Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has the marijuana he needs to help him cope with symptoms related to his cancer and treatment. But I’m sorry that his remarks at a City Council hearing on banning pot shops — “You want to kill me?” — were not balanced by someone like me, who could have said, “You are helping to destroy a family member.”


Pot can be helpful for patients like Rosendahl, but it can also be a powerful addictive drug that ruins the mind. I’m tired of people saying that “it’s just pot.” It’s just wine unless you abuse it.

Doctors have told my family that marijuana can cause psychotic breaks. Sadly, we have found this to be true.


Within a mile of my house in one direction, there are eight pot clinics. Must this unchecked threat to our mental health continue?

Daphne Brogdon

Los Angeles



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