Letters to the Editor: Hey, Erewhon, what’s the science behind your $21 ‘superfood’ smoothies?

A shopper makes her way through the Erewhon health-food grocery store in Studio City on Nov. 18.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The owners of the Erewhon market chain have a right to charge whatever they wish for their products, including the said “$21 superfood smoothies.” Yet there is something obscene about these prices given that in the city of Los Angeles, 18% of residents live below the poverty line, and many of these products have no scientific foundation for their claims.

For example, only 1% of all people have celiac disease, and gluten-free products are sold at higher prices. A just-fine 100% whole wheat bread is both lower-priced and healthier than gluten-free products.

And bee pollen? Royal Jelly? Liposomal vitamin C capsules for about $40? Show me the hard science to support the prices of these products.


Frankly, instead of spending $21 on a smoothie, I’d rather eat $3 worth of nonfat plain yogurt with fresh fruit, and give the other $18 to charity.

Ellen Faulk, Los Angeles