Letters to the Editor: How the right’s hatred of liberals undermines democracy

Supporters of former President Trump wait for a rally to begin.
In response to a column by LZ Granderson, readers say hatred for liberals on the right is the real problem undermining democracy.
(Ben Gray / Associated Press)

To the editor: Columnist LZ Granderson posits that America as we know it unravels because of people’s need to win. (“This, future historians, is how it all unravels,” Opinion, Dec. 22)

Hate is the reason why this democracy will fail. Throughout history, hate for the perceived “other” dominates the downfall of a society.

In America today, there is a large swath of the electorate that has such hate for anything that hints of liberalism, its adherents would rather vote for an obviously vile candidate just because he isn’t a liberal.


Richard Kopelle, Los Angeles


To the editor: We needn’t look to the future to see how the Republicans’ anti-democracy “win at all costs” strategy might play out.

Just recall a truth that has wrongly been attributed to Joseph Stalin: “It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.”

May history not repeat itself.

Edward M. Bialack, Woodland Hills