Letters to the Editor: More than 1 million Californians need better access to clean water. Cadiz can help

Water pours out from a pilot well on Cadiz Ranch in the Mojave Desert in 2012.
(Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: I write with great concern in response to the Dec. 6 column authored by Michael Hiltzik.

Hiltzik argues that drought-stricken Californians should oppose a common-sense plan to convey water through a retired natural gas pipeline already in the ground. The Cadiz pipeline crosses multiple water systems and can move water to and from a variety of sources, improving clean water access for disadvantaged communities underserved by the state’s existing infrastructure.

As California grapples with severe and worsening drought conditions, we need thoughtful discussion around innovative solutions, not diatribes urging elected officials to “kill” projects.


More than 1 million Californians lack reliable access to clean drinking and sanitation water. The Cadiz Water Project creates a new water supply that can serve up to 400,000 people a year. We must deliver on the human right to water by supporting innovation that empowers more people to tap into existing infrastructure.

Tracy Hernandez, Commerce

The writer is founding chief executive of the Los Angeles County Business Federation.